Will AdEx (ADX) Advertising Replace Google for Cryptocurrency and ICO Ads?

AdEx (ADX) advertising platform and Google might be riding on different technologies but it seems they share a lot when it comes to online-advertising. With so much money to be made through online ads, these two have a bright future. However, the anticipated ban on cryptocurrencies and ICOs in June by Google might turn around the little known ADX.

The AdEx whitepaper is very clear on the future of the platform. It seeks to give the advertiser the freedom to choose where and when to advertise. The monopoly of Google is headed to some disruption. This means the future of their market share is soon starting to shrink.

With blockchain based ad placement, you are not restricted by censorship. You post in line with the consumer needs. With AdEx, you have a direct connection with your audience. What’s more; you get to pay less for more. Traditional ad companies have been exploiting their users and it is about time that changed.

With the entry of a crypto based ad platform, you can track your earnings transparently and on real time. There are no transactions hidden behind your back. Google has seized being the advertiser of choice. More providers are entering to the market, thanks to blockchain.

Brief Look at AdEx (ADX) Advertising

AdEx  (ADX) advertising is a blockchain based application. It allows you upload your content and ads are placed by advertisers depending on relevancy. You choose who advertises on your content and agree on the terms of engagement. You do not have to involve a third party. Once development is complete, the system will give Google a huge challenge in the advertising sector.

Transparency is very important in the industry and the entrance of the latest technology will bridge the gap. The application is smart contract backed and immutable. You cannot manipulate it to get better results. All actions and edits are reached through consensus.

What makes AdEx (ADX) advertising sand out?

AdEx (ADX) advertising goal is to fill the existing gaps in the industry. It is similar but better than Google AdSense. It will also be a great to Bing, MedianNet, Propeller, Chitika and Yahoo. The beauty of the application is that it guarantees you uncensored ads.

When you look at all existing players, one this is missing; clear reports. AdEx reports are clear and you can trace their origin. Any suspicious clicks and earnings can be traced for verification. You get penalized through consensus unlike current advertising companies where you have no say.

When the development of project AdEx is complete, you will be able to use any browser on the system. There are no restrictions and you can participate from anywhere across the globe. Your earnings are not restricted to a specific geo-target.

This is a decentralized ecosystem and you as the end user are in control. You only accept advertiser bids at will. Once you agree with the ad provider, you both track impressions once advertisements are delivered to the target audience. You confirm the consumer ID and send to verification by the advertiser who confirms the transaction.

AdEx (ADX) Advertising Competition

There are many players on the blockchain out there and AdEx (ADA) advertising will have an uphill task to break even. Its soft launch has seen a rise in the ADX price to $3.29 before skydiving to the current low of $0.743142. This is after appreciating by 0.33% in the last 24 hours.

AdEx (ADX) advertising platform and Goggle are playing in different leagues but complement each other. Should Google ban cryptocurrency and ICO advertising on their platform, there is an alternative and a better platform to turn to.

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