VeChain (VEN) and LogSafer Partnership to Change the Logistic Insurance Market

A few days from now, VeChain (VEN) is set to lockup Nodes and is gearing up to LogSafer partnership to join the logistic insurance market. The VeChain (VEN) and LogSafer partnership will see the two come onboard the multibillion virgin logistics industry and get a chunk of the logistics market share. This is good news for VEN holders; the X node lock up is set to bring in good tidings.

By joining the logistic insurance market VEN will revolutionize how goods are moved around the world. The coin ensures real time deals are closed fast and in a transparent manner. Importers and exporters can track their goods in the network. Your goods cannot be tampered with while on transit.

The deal was signed between VeChain and LogSafer on, 13th of March courtesy of the VeChain Foundation for making the cooperation possible. The X Node is poised to give the supply chain management a new look with additional users taking advantage of network. This is a custom made solution for the many bottlenecks bedeviling the sector.

What is LogSafer?

LogSafer is a Chinese company in the logistics insurance sector. It will help VeChain become part of the chain management to give the insurance sector a better reputation. This is a global leader and embracing the VeChain’s business network brings good tidings to the investor in the near future.

The company offers goods on transit insurance whilst identifying and reducing risks involved in the process. It helps clients get fast redress on claims and arising legal issue. The core business is however, international supply chain management.

The beauty of the Chinese firm is what it offers the partner; a sound client base. LogSafer has over 20 insurance partners who are scattered across the world. Some of these are involved in the maritime and shipping sector. The Partnerships is meant to woo more users, create awareness and acceptance to move VEN’s value to the next level.

If a fraction of the 2500 plus LogSafer users come aboard, the VEN price will skyrocket because the demand will be high. In return, the logistics company will cut down costs by using the blockchain technology. When the deal is completed both partners will profit and this will be passed down to investors.

VeChain (VEN) Token in the Market

Just like other cryptocurrencies, it has not been rosy for VEN. After climbing the market ladder to $9.45 on the 22nd of January; the coin has dropped to $3.45. A drop of about 36% sounds huge for any investor and remedial measures need to be taken. This is where LogSafer comes in.

The growth of VeChain depends on increased global adoption. Adding more players to ride on the VeChain and LogSafer partnerships guarantees a bright future for both. Data will be easily available for ease of doing business cross the border. No more shipping delays and insurance claims.

With this move, the future of the coin is all set and the uncertainty in prices is an indication of acquiring more partners. The price of VEN relies on how others integrate and use the ecosystem.  Moving from the conventional systems to blockchain based ones lowers operational costs and the consumer benefits from low transaction fees.

For the investor, this is the right time to buy and hold VEN. You does not have to wait for it to grow and join when the token price skyrockets. However, simple background check should be your guide before buying or disposing off any digital coin, you never know which side lady luck strikes and when.

With the VeChain (VEN) and LogSafer partnership, cross border trade bottlenecks will soon become a thing of the past.  The consumer will get goods on time. The cost of business transactions will come down and authenticity on goods will be guaranteed.

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