VeChain Introduces distributed data vending

VeChain has yet again hit the limelight with the latest in its technical approach as they are introducing the Distributed Data Vending (DDV), a way of sharing sensitive data. This is indeed a great move that has been made by Vechain in its effort to impact its future value growth.

The latest move by VeChain is a great move to revolutionize the trajectory of the coin for good. Its announcement was made on Twitter that it would be introducing distributed data vending system. The tweet was as follows:

“Introducing Distributed Data Vending, the future of compliant data sharing exclusive to VeChain Thor. Putting power back into the hands of enterprises, customers, and researchers to collaborate and revolutionize the way the world shares and advances!”

The next question one would ask is what is Distributed Data Vending (DDV)? From the tweet that was sent, VeChain intends to put the ability to control data in the hands of data owners. We all know that big data has only been accessible to large corporations that sometimes manipulate the data to sell it to adverts. VeChain’s latest tech DDV will change how things work and those who will now benefit are data owners.

The new technology will impact the healthcare

The new technology DDV is definitely going to impact the healthcare system or industry. Big data has been important for in the health industry especially in medical research in understanding how diseases develop. There has been a disconnection on how this information is normally distributed for instance patients who always provide this data never get rewarded for it.

Researchers have also had rough time accessing information due to government bureaucracy before they can make use of such data. VeChain has created a platform and environment where data can be exchanged on the blockchain technology where health patients will benefit and the consumers of the data will have an easier accessing it.

The innovation will also impact various industries

VeChain’s Distributed Data Vending technology will also impact various industries in the world but the one crucial one that will play a significant role is the health sector. The implementation of this innovation is likely to create great value on the VeChain.

Most investors believe that VeChain is the best crypto that you can invest in and hold for in many years. The value may not go up immediately but chances of it growing in the years to come are very high.

The use distributed data vending will be a gateway for VeChainThor adoption across different markets and this will market it as a pioneer in advancing different technologies that blockchains will enable. The power of DDV and VeChainThor will greatly impact the markets in the months that are coming. With blockchains in place, we can now replace the third part organizations with distributed database locked down by clever cryptography. It will be interesting to see how things will develop in the near future even as companies are beginning to embrace some of the latest technologies.


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