TRON (TRX) Popularity in 2018 on the Rise

With so many cryptocurrencies and Altcoins still in the read as we approach the end of first quarter, TRON (TRX) popularity in 2018 is on the rise. Most of the latest cryptocurrencies and Altcoins are designed to solve specific problems. TRON (TRX) targets the entertainment industry r. If you are in this business area, investing in TRX could be the best idea for 2018 and beyond.

TRON target audience is entertainment content developers. Venturing into the sector has become very expensive for the ordinary artists and content developers. There are so many middle men involved. With TRON, you do not have to deal with third parties. Your content quality and popularity is what helps you succeed.

TRON is very sensitive cryptocurrency especially when it comes to entertainment and the general content development. This is s decentralized platform that gives you control over what content you create. You own the right to your content and you are also in charge of distribution and invoicing.

What Makes TRON (TRX) Popular

With a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of cryptocurrencies after the recent crash, TRON seems to have recovered unscathed. With the market rising, TRX price seems have defied the odds. By looking at the coins market capitalization stability, you will understand what makes TRON popular.

If you have been following the general trends and those of TRON in particular, you will agree with me the recovery has more to offer that just what the charts show. Below are three main reasons why the popularity of TRON will continue throughout 2018 and beyond.

TRON (TRX) Partnerships

To survive in the crypto-sphere, partnerships are very critical. TRON has been creating alliances and partnerships behind the scenes in the last few months. The targets are the big gaming and entertainment companies. These are companies that see the potential of the platform and are ready to invest massively.

To set the ball rolling, TRON partnership includes big names like oBike and Aibaba.  The projects will develop a cryptocurrency for oBike with oCoin as the native currency. The other company, Alibaba is the largest e-commerce site in Chine and has a global presence. You cannot resist a coin that is seeking to partner with the best.

Bringing these partners onboard, TRON is sending a clear signal; building user confidence. At the time of writing, TRON development team is working with Alibaba technicians to make the partnership smooth before it is fully launched.

TRX is Now Cheap

With the project still in its early stages TRON price stands at $0.0328 after making a 1.54% progress in the last 24 hours. This is the entry point for the ordinary investor and fact that is proving popular among early adopter. Going by the market crash earlier in the year, TRX has shown a lot of resilience and more gains are anticipated in quarter 2.

Low price for the TRX token means wider reach a possible mass adoption.  The market capitalization gives the coin additional value. However, you need to remember the price is not staying low for long. For a few pennies now you can growth your crypto portfolio to greater heights in 2018 alone. This could explain those who understand the market are buying into the coin.

Gaming Niche Changer

TRON has entered the gaming industry wearing a blockchain coat. This means cheaper access to online games. They have taken the Crypto Kitties game to the next level by introducing Tron Dogs. This is a blockchain based game that will interrupt the entire industry.

Tron Dogs allows you to own an entire dog family where you can virtually bred, train, buy and sell dogs. The system only accepts TRX coins for payments at the moment. You are able to make micro payments with the token. These tokens are cheap compared to what is in the gaming market today.

With these facts the popularity of TRN (TRX) is not ending soon. With more games and partnerships anticipated as the projects matures, TRX value will keep growing and the you will never experience any dull moment if you follow the gaming and entertainment industry.

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