The founder of CoinGeek called bitcoin altcoin and spoke in support of

Information resource CoinGeek, a part of the Calvin Ayre Media group of companies, announced the support of the site of Roger Vera in a possible litigation if the company and its founder are sued for using the word “bitcoin” in relation to Bitcoin Cash.

Like Roger Ver himself, the founder of CoinGeek, Kelvin Eyre, is convinced that Bitcoin Cash is the “true bitcoin,” which they jointly announced in October of last year.

“If you do not believe me or do not understand me, I do not have time to convince you. Forgive me, “Ver used one of the utterances of Satoshi Nakamoto.

The essence of the claims of critics is that using the Bitcoin Core definition to designate Bitcoin (BTC) could mislead some users and, as a result, force them to mistakenly purchase Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

In CoinGeek, the trial is considered an excellent opportunity to thoroughly examine the “Bitcoin Cash benefits” over bitcoin and to challenge the “cultist dogma”.

The organization is convinced that it is the BTC that is a kind of SegWit-fork, and Bitcoin Cash was forced to secede in order to follow the course laid out in the whitepaper of Satoshi Nakamoto.

“For anyone who knows the history and understands the technology, bitcoin under the BTC ticker uses the bitcoin name illegally, since the SegWit implementation deprived it of this right and status, and it can no longer be a crypto currency,” said Calvin Eyre in support of .

Recall, Roger Ver published a video message on Youtube, which conducted a comparative analysis of the merits of Bitcoin Cash and bitcoin.

So, he came to the conclusion that Bitcoin Cash is a more accurate interpretation of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision.

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