Storm (STORM): The Unique Freelancer Blockchain

Storm is new kind of cryptocurrency that seeks to connect the freelancers with employers. Once the task is complete successfully, you get  rewarded with digital coins. This is a digital market place where you interact with freelancers and employers from across the globe.

Storm is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem where employers post tasks and the system matches these with the right freelancer depending on their skills and experience. There is no discrimination based on location. All the jobs on the board completed remotely.

Why Choose the Storm Platform

With Storm, you are matched with tasks that you qualify for. The system uses specific parameters to group you to access tasks that match your skill-sets. As a freelancer, it is your responsibility to select jobs that you can work on and get rewarded.

The reward system is very simple. For any task you complete, you are awarded with BOLT. These are sent to your Storm wallet from where you can convert to the STORM tokens and other cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH.

Storm lets you earn more from anywhere across the globe. There are no middle men who charge up to 40% of your earnings. You are in control of all your transactions unlike other Platforms like Upwork, MTurk and Fiverr where a huge proportion of your pay goes to the platform and other money processors service providers.

The Storm blockchain ecosystem allows you to withdraw your funds anytime. There are no restrictions to the amount and you store them in your digital wallet. You are in control of what you earn to the last penny. Like any other freelance platform, Storm allows you to earn as much as you have time to work for.

Storm Free Tools to Grow Your Brand across the Borders

Due to the decentralized nature of the Storm ecosystem, you have free tools to sell your brand across the borders. You showcase your brand to the employer and let them make decisions whether to allocate you tasks or not.

To be part of the rely adopter, you only need to download the Storm application, install it on your computer, laptop or smartphone and you are ready to go. To date, over 1.4 million downloads have been recorded on the platform.

This number might sound low but the project is still in the beta stage. Once it is complete, this number will increase tremendously. By the end of the year, it is projected that the platform will interrupt the freelancing industry completely.

Secure and Easy to Use Platform

Transparency reigns on the platform and your earnings are secure. You do not have to worry about endless disputes, there are taken care of by smart contract technologies deployed on the platform. When the employer approves your task, money is sent to your wallet automatically.

Smart contracts instill trust among users and you concentrate on providing high quality finished tasks while the employer concentrates on their business. With high rewards comes quality as opposed to what happens in traditional freelance portals.

Storm is a Global Freelancer Network

With this platform, you have access to tools that helps you grow your brand across borders. You do not have to market your skills; they are all in the system. It is up to you to search for tasks that befit your skill-set. You are in control of the perks you bargain for.

The beauty of the Storm freelance platform is there are no middlemen; you get what you are worth. Your money is send to your digital wallet; no third party currency processors like Pioneer or PayPal involved; you decide to get paid using STORM token, BTC or ETH.

Storm is the freelancer platform of the future and this is the right time to get started. As an early adopter, you get to grow with the system and increase your chances or earning more. For the investor, this is the right time to join a community of the future.

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