Stellar (XLM) is Ready for Lightning Network Implementation in December

Stellar (XML) is set to implement the Lighting Network, by end of the year. This sis in line with the ongoing demand for better services from the blockchain technology, Stellar is set to improve its network by implementing the Lighting Network by December this year. This is a bold step in a bid to meet the consumer demands and focus on the future.  This comes barely a few months after the crypto-crash that cut across the crypto-sphere.

With the main net Lighting Network implementation, Stellar hopes to improve their transaction speed. With the technical specifications already out, the goal is to achieve currency movement efficiency. most of these functions will be off-net for better results. by moving the payment processes off-chain, a second layer payment protocol will be put in place.

According to reports, after the implementation, the Stellar network will be more superior that Bitcoin. the system will allow you to add and edit records, a function that is not supported by other immutable networks.  With the new software upgrade, you have more functions to execute in the payment front.

Why Go the Lighting Network Way?

Scalability is one of the issues the Lighting Network (LN) will address according to the CTO and Stellar co-founder Jed McCaleb. “Most first generation blockchains are riddled with scalability issues and Stellar has resolved to confront it head on” adds the CTO. The sentiments were also expressed by Lighting Network Labs.

The upgrade will enhance the network and make it secure, safe and reliable. These changes will address real-life money issues. April 1st is the initial testnet that will be followed by beta implementation in August 1st. If all goes according to plans, the December launch is real.

With the growing demand from the current partners like IBM and Kik, it is a natural upgrade to undertake.  These are just among the very many platforms clients. As it stands, the network is billed to be better than Ethereum. Upgrading means more adoption from major clients.

Stellar (XLM) and the Future

After the recent market correction, Stellar (XLM) is set to scale the heights with the upgrade. With the low price, stellar attractiveness and growth potential can be traced back when the coin was trading at $0.001 a year ago. The growth to the top ten cryptocurrencies is clean bill of health for the crypto.

Stellar (XML) is available at eToro and you can perform trades without necessarily owning it. Stellar is listed on Binance, Upbit, Bittrex, Poloniex and Kraken among major currencies. The pairing is also diverse and you can convert it to BTC, EUR, XBT and ETH.

With the kind of exchange partnerships, Stellar (XLM) is a global usable digital coin. The additional features, more users are set to come onboard and the upgrade will be able to handle the volumes. With a wide range or paring and fiat conversion, the platform is focused on the future.

Stellar (XLM) Price

The Stellar native tokens; XLM, seem to be on the downward trend and currently trading at $0.231512 according to CoinMarketCap.  This represents a 24 hour drop of 12.70% and could mean traders are keeping their cards close to their chests anticipating the April 1st testnet.

This drop is in total contrast to the growth experienced in mid-February where the coin was trading at a high of $0.45. in terms of market cap, the coin is ranked 9th with 4.29 billion, a huge drop from the previous high of 4.6 billion  With the testnet and days towards the beta launch, a lot of activity is anticipated on the XLM counter.

With the completion of the Lighting Network implementation and Stellar project; the growth of the platform will become inevitable.  The move by the network is to try and recover from the crash and highlight its usability to its steadily growing subscriber base and enthusiasts.