Robert Schiller: bitcoin – rather a psychological experiment

Nobel laureate in economics Robert Schiller once again compared the bitlock with a bubble and the notorious tulipanomania in the Netherlands in the 17th century, adding that he sees no serious investment in it. This is written by CNBC.

“Bitcoin interests me as a kind of bubble, it does not mean that it disappears or ruptures. For some time it will still exist. He is interesting to me as another example of eccentric behavior of people, “Schiller said.

Earlier, the economist compared bitcoin with the tulipanomania that swept the Netherlands in 1640, and he does not reject this thesis. However, if he had previously stated about the inevitability of the collapse of the crypto currency, this time his position was somewhat different.

“Some clever people entered bitcoin and into other crypto-currencies, but this story goes far beyond the merit of the idea itself. It’s more of a psychological aspect, not something the computer research department can explain, “he says.

Robert Schiller also noted the political component around bitcoin:

“This is partly a political aspect: economists often forget about it. There are a large number of people who no longer believe in governments. They like the idea that this is not from the state, but from really smart programmers. a modern market, “he concluded.

It is noteworthy that in January Robert Schiller expressed the opinion that the collapse of bitcoins is only a matter of time.


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