Pornhub starts accepting Verge

The world’s first pornographic site, Pornhub, added Verge cryptocurrency as a new payment option.

As reported on the website Pornhub, using the digital currency Verge, users will be able to purchase premium services and make other purchases on this popular web resource.


“History shows that the adult entertainment industry plays a crucial role in the introduction of innovative technologies,” said Pornhub vice president Cory Price. “We expect that in the near future, crypto-currencies and block solutions will be used everywhere.”

Also, Price believes, the undeniable advantage of this crypto currency is its anonymous nature.

“I think this is the best option, combining privacy and usability,” he added.

It is noteworthy that this, it would seem, positive news for Verge was marked by a sharp drop in her rate:

Recall, the Verge team recently reported a successful hard-core and partnership with the TokenPay project.

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