Populous (PPT): Invoice Finance Blockchain Set to Skyrocket

Have you been struggling in invoicing? Are you experiencing bottlenecks in the market? Then you need to try the Populous (PPT) invoice finance application. You will never deal with brokers and you will stop making loses. This is the real deal for the business and freelancer of the future.

Populous (PPT) is ideal for the small and medium business and freelancers. It simplified the invoicing process giving you better returns on your investment. You connect with your providers one-on-one. There are no third party fees; you keep all your profits to grow your business.

With startup businesses making millions of loses every day, you need a system that transparent. With Populous, you can sell accounts receivable at a discounted price as a freelancer. This is another option that cushions deployment of capital and finance invoicing.

The platform is set to change how borrowers globally use invoices by using Poken tokens. Based on the Ethereum ecosystem, you can buy the PPT tokens from anywhere in the world for better lending terms. This alternative lending uses iXBRL smart contracts to make transactions fast and fuss free.

Why Use Populous (PPT)?

As a small or medium size business and freelancer, you need to use Populous (PPT) to maximize on profits. These new market entrants are faced with hostile markets and need a platform that gives them a voice to break even. This system provides cheap unpaid invoices for everyone.

With Populous, you no longer deal with intermediaries. These are known to increase prices to hurt the small businesses. They are not transparent and their processes take too much time. The decentralized system is transparent and costs are universal irrespective on your location in the world.

The Populous system is immutable and edits cannot be done without your consent. It makes it easy to match the invoice buyer and seller and transactions are real time.  With the inbuilt iXBRL smart contract feature, the process is automated and creditworthiness is assessed seamlessly.

Populous uses two coins Poken and PPT. Poken is for used internally for buying and selling invoices. PPT is the cryptocurrency that you can invest in and what the platform was distributing during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). A total of 53million coins will be created and put on offer globally.

Populous (PPT) Market Performance

Ranked 27 according to market capitalization, Populous (PPT) has been able to stay on the green for better part of the week. It seems to be picking after the launch and is currently being traded at $15.75 registering a marginal gain of 2.75% in the last 24 hours.

Its earlier growth has been attributed to the rush towards the launch. The current price is more realistic given the recent crash and the coin seems to be poised for traction in the coming few months.  As a peer-to-peer invoicing platform, the more finance invoicing players come onboard the better.

The beauty of Populous (PPT) invoice finance is its ability to offer you a secure and reliable medium to transact conveniently. You can accomplish a lot in 24 hours compared to traditional invoicing systems. The rates are drastically reduced and this makes it enticing for adoption and this will skyrocket it in the future.

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