Nucleus Vision (nCash): Offering a New Offline Consumer Experience

 Nucleus Vision (nCash) is the latest addition in the cryptocurrency market but with a twist. The new coin helps you spend digital coins in affiliate offline stores. Unlike fiat, the token is not monitored by the authorities. The system uses your data to detect your preference for a better consumer experience.

This is an advanced network where the consumer connects directly with the retailer. There are no third parties. This makes the buying process short and saves on your funds and time. The Nucleus Vision ecosystem relies on your personal data. It matches you with the right products as per your preference.

This is a very exciting blockchain technology that does not require use of scanners, Bluetooth and WiFi. You are paired with products that meet your data specifications.  The system matches you according to your preferences. It is equipped with IoT sensors to make the process seamless.

How Does Nucleus Vision Work?

Nucleus Vision used blockchain sensors to capture your data. This data is then interpreted to match you with the right product. Currently, there are over 20 sensors installed in 10 outlets for beta trials. These gives the retailer additional security and monitors their products.

Once you enter a store, the sensors communicate with your phone once you are affiliated to the system. Your phone is pre-customized with redeemable points which are used to identify you. The information is collected and you get access to the stores products. Here is the procedure:

The retailer acquires and installs the blockchain based sensors. When you walk in to the outlet, the sensor identifies you and your data is transmitted via a secure orbital layer. Your data is immediately used to identify you. A simple real time data base is created for you and a recommendation follows.

As a consumer, you do a background check on the store that fits your needs first.  Select goods that you need. You visit the store physically and strike a deal. You get a personalized offer through your phone say for 500 nCash, if your wallet has enough nCash tokens, you transfer the agree amount and the deal is completed.

Where to buy nCash

The nCash cryptocurrency s already listed at Binance. All you need is register with the exchange, create your digital wallet. Once you are confirmed, you can fund it using ETH. This is the only exchange with a global appeal that has listed nCash.

If you are holding fiat, you need to convert it into ETH before buying the nCash. The project is on the beta stage and more exchanges are lined up before the end of 2018. The coin is affordable at the moment and this is the right time to invest.

When the coin gets adopted and goes global, it is set to disrupt the offline retail industry. This will offer you a better shopping experience whist keeping your data secure. Once more merchants are added into the system, the consumer will be spoiled for choice.

Nucleus Vision (nCash) Performance Market Preview

Over the last 24 hours, nCash gained 9.85 to stand at $0.036347 according to CoinMarkeCap. Though still young in the market, the coin was not slapped by the recent market crash. It has started the year on a solid note and is poised to increase momentum as more features get rolled out.

Surprisingly the coin jumped from position 87 to 79 today in terms of market capitalization. Earlier in the day the market cap was $122,737,941 and has since jumped to $143,636,084 in less than 6 hours. This is a clear indication of how the coin is hitting the ground running.

Once thy beta phase proves successful, more users and merchants are bound to come onboard for increased traction, when the coin becomes a tradable asset more and more coins will pair with nCash to increase its value and the consumer to get the best shopper experience.

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