NEM (XEM) and Xhai Studios in Mobile Video Gaming Partnership

Mobile video games become exciting due to speed and accuracy. This is what the NEM (XEM) and Xhai Studios are trying to bring to the virtual game lovers. With this collaboration, NEM brings accurate and secure ledger gaming transaction to the entertainment sector.

XEM, the NEM digital coin has gone through a lot including the latest crypto-crash. However, the coin’s resilience has endeared itself to many. It seeks ways to seal the huge gap in mobile video gaming. The lucrative sector lacks transparency for a long time and NEM will help bring this to an end.

NEM Blockchain Solutions

With the NEM blockchain, you can build personalized digital tokens, applications; track your logistical processes whilst sharing critical data.  As a developer, you can customize the system to create applications that solve your FinTech problems. The NEM platform is built for any developer with the quest to come up with modern day solutions.

You do not have to be tech savvy to develop applications on the NEM ecosystem. It comes with all the best simplicity. This is what has made Xhai Studios to partner with NEM to give the user the flexibility and simplicity.

Xhai Studios-NEM Partnership

The NEM blockchain features are suited for mobile video gaming and that is why Xhai Studio has joined the platform. NEM will provide the platform while Xhai will be able to grow the subscriber base from its existing users. This could be the beginning of mobile video gaming disruption.

The Malaysian Xhai Studios will use the innovative platform to develop its products and roll out thus tapping on the XEM transaction speeds and low fees. They will be able to allow gamers enjoy the benefits of micro-transactions and real time outcomes. This will drastically lower the cost of gaming and its related services.

Xhai Studios will have the opportunity to showcase their products in a decentralized manner to the entire world, in return, NEM will benefit from mass adoption from gamers looking for cost effective products and services. The platform makes the development and sharing of games easy.

The much anticipated Partnership

With the NEM-Xhai partnership, you have more gaming functionalities. This will also eliminate third parties who take advantage of your gaming activities. Payment processes will be enhanced with the native XEM wallet.

Once you fund your wallet with sufficient tokens, you start enjoying the partnership  incentives.All transactions will be in XEM currency which makes it a platform to watch by any investor.

There is no need to third party integrations making transactions fast, seamless and traceable. Your wallet will have fun features including QR codes and the ability to convert your Xhai game points into XEM that you can turn into fiat money.

NEM (XEM) Price Entry Point

The current XEM price is ideal for gamers to adopt the blockchain technology. The coin is trading at $0.291859 after losing 4.88% in the last 24 hours. This is the ideal entry point for the ordinary gamer who wants to grow with NEM.

NEM and Xhai  partnership is still at the beta stage. There is a lot from the developer team and more features are coming.This will not only skyrocket the price of XEM but will make mobile video gaming accessible to millions of fans worldwide.

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