Learn Cryptocurrency Trading Through Covesting (COV)

There are many people eager to learn cryptocurrency trading but the available tools seem complicated and untrustworthy. Covesting (COV) seeks to demystify the marker by presenting a simple application than can turn into a pro trader within a short time. You learn as you trade.

The system allows you to watch how experts are trading, copy their tactics and you are good to go. You simply have to see what the experts on the system are doing and implement it. There are no complex formulas; all you need is being keen on the lives trades.

With the Covesting platform, you gain experience on the go. If you have traded with eToro, you have an upper hand. The only difference is that you are trading on a blockchain based platform. Once you become a user, you need to identify an exert trader, learn their strategies and start trading in the cryptocurrencies on offer.

The beauty of Covesting is you get a chance to connect with a professional cryptocurrency guru and start trading. This is a very secure and trusted system. Once you set your goals and eyes on the ball, you can achieve a lot in less than two months.

Live Trading with Covesting (COV)

Getting started with live trading with Covesting is pretty easy. Head to their official website and fill in the simple registration form. This does not take much of your time. It is important to check around and acquaint yourself with the features before funding your trading account.

You need to build enough confidence before your first trade. You can follow the best traders and track their trends. Alternatively, you can opt for the “Manager” option and let an expert in the system manage your trades.

To follow a manger of expert, you need to subscribe to them. These should match your trader goals. Once you follow a trader, the system asks you to donate a certain amount of COV tokens for rewarding the expert you follow. The rates are based on amount you are trading and once you donate, you can copy and imitate their trade moves.

When you successfully subscribe and donate, you do not have to actively trade. You simply follow what the experts are doing on your behalf. Once you are comfortable, you can start trading and become a pro. This way, new traders will subscribe to you and get rewarded as you earn with your trades.

Why Invest in Covesting (COV) and Trade?

This is the entry point to learn cryptocurrency trading; Covesting (COV) gives you all the tools and resources to make your trade successful. You can start small and grow or if you have more funds at your disposal, you can invest substantially.

When you invest for the first time, 2% goes to an account specifically created for you. This is the Asset Contract funded using the COV tokens. This with time increases the value of your tokens; it is a win-win scenario.  Your account is secured and you cannot lose your online wealth.

You have two options once you become a stable trader; you can choose to stay private or public. However, when your real identity is known to other traders, they trust you and get huge following which you should turn into profits. Anonymous traders do not attract the confidence; however, the choice is all yours.

Covesting (COV) Latest performance in the Market

Just like other major cryptocurrencies, Covesting (COV) has had its ups and downs since the beginning of the year. It is currently trading at $0.844 and has in the last 24 hours appreciated by 10.47%. Though not in the top 100, COV is poised to hit $10 by close of the year. This will become possible if their project implementation goals are met.

COV, the Covesting native coin that you use to pay to learn cryptocurrency trading and other platform based services.  You can get your COV coins from EtherDelta or other exchanges of repute. The current adoption is the surefire traction catalyst. This could be the future platform for minnows and whales in the crypto-sphere.

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