ICON (ICX) Price Surges after Bithumb and Upbit Partnership

ICON (ICX) seems to be pressing the right buttons at the right time. The partnership with Bithumb and Upbit comes at a time when the ICX pricing was headed into oblivion. With the market still under the regulation siege and bans from adverting on select platform, this is a major boost for the Korean cryptocurrency.

The last few months have seen the price of ICX plugged to a low of $2.62 giving the investor a good reason to worry. In the next few days, you will be able to use Bithumb and Upbit for all your exchange needs. What more, you can now convert your Korean Won (KRW) to ICX.  The price surge has seen the coin trade at $ 3.53 that translates to a growth of 4.01% in the last 24 hours.

With the ICX Price Skyrocket Further?

Holding all market forces constant, the rice will grow given the boost from Bithumb and Upbit. The confidence will not stop at these two major exchanges in South Korea; it will be passed on to the user. The rationale behind the collaboration is to make ICX a global coin.

The current ICX/KRW is a use case and an indication that the coin is ready for fit conversion.  This will attracted additional volumes and mass adoption in the near future. The surge had seen ICX gain 8.09% and 10.98% against BTC and ETH respectively. If the trend continues, it will become a top 10 value force to reckon with.

The surge of the coins market capitalization from $597 million to the current $1.35 Billion is also a cause to celebrate this less valued coin. In its efforts to go global, ICX has is also listed on Okex and Huobi. These are strategic partners to help the coin get the global outlook and reach it is seeking.

Does ICON (ICX) Future Look Bright?

The developer team and the marketing arm of the blockchain seem to be getting their act together. They are focused on their roadmap and global appeal and adoption is what is important for the cryptocurrency. By making ICX a spendable digital asset, increased traction should be the next goal.

The modern consumer is well informed with cryptocurrencies than three years ago. They are looking for digital coins that will help them in their daily lives. ICX is a spendable virtual currency; a factor that will make it more popular before the end of 2018.

With the increased partnerships, investors are developing more trust and chances are they are going to put more of their stakes on the platform. The market cap surge is a clear indication of the good tiding the system will deliver for the long term for the investor.

How does ICON (ICX) Plan to achieve its Goals?

The goal of ICON is to bring all other blockchains together through “hyper connecting” them. This will transform the world into a single interactive ecosystem. This will significantly reduce transaction cost and information will flow freely. Sharing of information and currency conversion has always resulted in bottlenecks between the various blockchain networks.

The beauty of the collaboration is that Bithumb has also partnered with BitPay, the Bitcoin payment processor platform. This will boost ICX market penetration and grow its subscriber base while riding on Bitcoin goodwill. This will be backed by the cheap ICON transactions to get inroads into the cross-border markets.

Uniqueness of ICON Blockchain

The ICON blockchain is quite unique and specifically address your day to day problems. By targeting select blockchain communities, it is reaching out for mass adoption. This way, users will benefit from their communities as well as the ICON ecosystem.

With more exchanges and partners coming onboard the ICON (ICX) platform, the sky is the limit for this undervalued cryptocurrency. The price surge has proved the coin critics wrong and the developer team seems to have more surprises under wraps to be unleashed when necessary.

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