Is Google Banning Initial Coin Offering Ads?

Reports coming from various anonymous ICO companies indicate that Google may be stepping down from the advertisement  train with them.

This comes hot on the heels of a crackdown by Facebook on all cryptocurrency related adverts in January. There appears to be a concerted effort by mass media and advertisers on not letting people know about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) at all.

This is cited from a report on Finance Magnates.

“Google is obviously much more than just a search engine or even an all-included internet service. If the internet is a global village, then Google is its chief. And now the chief seems to be going after one of the most prominent and fast-growing industries.’’

The search engine does not provide a specific policy with regard to cryptocurrency at large. However, many users have expressed concerns about cryptocurrency and the marketing industry which may have provoked the reaction.

Google Adword Advertisement Suspension and Account Termination

One company in particular stated that their ads were not having the same commitment as before and clicks fell almost 90% within days. Others reported a feature called “limited” approval of ads, meaning that Google reserves the right to remove them anytime.

Even YouTube has showed selectivity by picking on crypto related V-loggers. This makes them have greater difficulty getting their videos approved for viewing on their platform.

Google is a colossal player not just in the search engine perspective but also in terms of ad control. This clamp down may be their right as a company but has a significant effect on publishers and consumers alike.

It will be helpful is the internet giant came up with clear policy framework for certainty. This will cool speculation that is rife at the moment as to whether Google is considering completely banning cryptocurrency related ads.

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