Ethereum Classic (ETC) Trends: Will the Coin Survive the 2018 Storm?

With the current happening and Ethereum Classic (ETC) trends, there are many questions as to whether the coin will survive 2018 and beyond. This has been the most active token in terms of volumes lately. The cryptocurrency has been shedding its value up to over 30%. How will the coin pull through?

After being among the top ten most popular coins, the price drop has discouraged more investors from investing. The once sought after cryptocurrency has become the investors thorn in the flesh, at least for now. Every crypto enthusiast bought the coin after the fork.

In mid-January Ethereum Classic (ETC) was trending after it reached the $45.50 threshold just when the market was recovering. Things have not worked for the currency since then; the price has been heading south. The price of the coin stands at $17.29 after shedding 3.44% in the last 24 hours.

Will the Ethereum Classic (ETC) Trends continue on the down?

With investors and crypto enthusiasts still undecided, much more is happening behind the scenes. The coin has been fighting the trends and has steadily started to re-position itself to its former glory. With the stability being experienced across the crypto-landscape, Ethereum Classic (ETC) trends seem to be positive.

Now ranked 17th by market capitalization, it will have to rely on the old Ethereum blockchain in order to avoid manipulation. It has a secure history against hacks and price scams are do not happen on the system.  It has an appeal globally and investors are behind its rise.

The developer team is working hard to salvage the currency. They have opted for hardware wallets to further secure ETC coins. Trazor and Ledger hardware wallets are highly secured with features that are user friendly and anti-hacking guaranteed.

At the moment, there are 15 mining pools according to their official GitHub. To ensure they are close to the user, they have partnered with exchanges of repute like Bitfinex and Bittrex.  By going to the masses, ETC trade volumes are set to increase and will translate to value.

While the Ethereum classic volumes are going down, the platform is positioning itself for the future. They are putting the interest of their users in the forefront. They have launched the GraytScale to help handle the Ethereum Classic Investment Fund.

They are also in the process of reducing transactions costs and any other charges. The community has also come together to adopt a static cap policy that will transform ETC into a valuable token.  With these and more to come, the price should shift north.

Changes in the development team have also been effected. Richard Schumann comes in to improve the graphics aspect of the network to make sure users engage with the Ethereum goals. All community channels are under Mario Michel and he will drive the new ETC Italia Telegram marketing option.

Lastly, integration plans with convectional currency transfer system are still on course. This has been actualized through the addition of Centra Card that allows users access their ETC funds via a debit card. This will eliminate the cumbersome storage of many private keys to access the numerous cryptocurrency wallets.

What is the Future of Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

Enhancing the Ethereum Classic side chains is in top gear. This will offer the user flexibility and convenience. They are also developing a portable wallet, the Emarald and this will make it easy to make the coin seamless and universally acceptable in most exchanges.

Currently, their lead coder Pyskell is handing the sea-saw price issues of ETC that will enable the coin start appreciate. This is seen to turn around the Ethereum Classic (ETC) trends and bring back sanity to the platform before the end of 2018. As of now, predicting the future the coin is tricky but the roller coaster trends will end soon.

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