Durov’s Ex-colleague : Telegram can disappear from the App Store and Google Play

Roskomnadzor seeks Telegram’s leadership to enforce Russian laws and tries to establish cooperation with it, so it’s premature to talk about blocking the messenger. This was in an interview with a Anton Rosenberg – ex partner Pavel Durov’s social network “VKontakte”

“It’s still too early to talk about blocking. Such a move to court takes place for the first time, until it is even known which court and when will consider this case. Generally speaking, it is not known what the court will decide (although there can be little doubt, since there is a court decision on the administrative fine against Telegram Messenger LLP that came into force on December 12, 2017). Then there can be appeals, and Roskomnadzor, can take arbitrary pauses in the case, ” – Rosenberg said.

“The simplest thing is to add several messaging domains to the lock list, in this case the site and links like t.me will stop working, as well as the web version. Further, he can block all IP-addresses belonging to Telegram. “

After that, as he said, applications will stop working in phones, but Telegram can begin to proxy traffic through leased servers, whose addresses Roskomnadzor will have to search and ban.

“However, the main thing that the Russian authorities can do is demand the Apple and Google to remove the messenger applications from the stores, as it happened with Microsoft’s LinkedIn social network earlier. Then without additional tricks Telegram will not be able to install new users, and the old ones will not be able to update the version on their phones, “said Durov’s former partner.

Remind, on April 6 Roskomnadzor appealed to the Tagansky court of Moscow with a request to block the Telegram.

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