CryptiCoin (XCR) Set to Change the Crypto-sphere

It is surprising that many people have undervalued the Crypticoin (XCR) token for many days. You need to need to change your mind and re look at the coin from a different angle . When most Altcoins are struggling with project funding, Crypti is funding the user. Yes; the platform is giving free tokens to its early adopters.

Those who have been lucky enough have earned their first CryptiCoins by registering at the networks official website. The coin is global and you do not have to go through any vetting or verification. The developers decided not to go through an ICO to fund the project.

What is the CryptiCoin Catch?

There is nothing hidden behind the free money concept. With many ordinary cryptocurrency adorers unable to enter into the market for fear of scams, CryptiCoin makes it easy for free; you have nothing to lose. This is an ideal way to own your first digital coin if you have been sitting on the fence.

The beauty of the CryptiCoin platform is it has its home grown digital wallet. This gives you full control of your private keys and your online funds. With XCR you are safe and protected from hacks and frauds. With many exchanges becoming the hackers’ paradise, your money in the CryptiCoin wallet is safe.

CryptiCoin is unique, it complies with government regulation but you can send and receive money in an anonymous environment. The capability of the coins’ wallet is what makes the entire ecosystem popular among many digital coin lovers. No government or hacker can access your funds and transaction history without your consent.

The coin comes with impeccable transaction speed. It Simple payment Verification (SPV) enabled making it stand out of the fastest cryptocurrency crowd. You cannot compare it with Ethereum and Bitcoin. It is still on the testing stage and once it is launched, it will be a coin to own.

Uniqueness of CryptiCoin

CryptiCoin is 100%anonymous; it does not allow transactions to be traced. In addition, it prevents tracking of your IP address. With these features, you are assured your identity and those you transact with are never revealed.  With most currencies in the red according to CoinMarketCap charts, privacy Altcoins appears to maintain the green. Monero, Verge and ZClassic recovery after the market crash look positive and CryptiCoin is about to join the list.

The cryptocurrency development team has a solution to state agencies’ regulations. It comes with a feature that allows transactions to be made via a public ledger in countries where anonymity is banned. This is the most powerful tool that makes the coin the states darling.

There is no way you can get free gem and CryptiCoin is giving you a chance to own a cryptocurrency of the future. With users and merchant preferences turning to privacy coins, there is a lot of potential in this digital asset. There is a lot happening behind the scenes and following the coin you should get the most anticipated breaking news.

If you are ready to own a coin the will revolutionize the cryptocurrency market place, try the free CnryptiCoin. You never know where you will be in the next 2 or 3 years from now. All the major cryptocurrencies and Altcoins started from where the XCR coin is. The only difference is this one is for free.


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