BitPay to Push Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the Moon despite Scam Rumor

Bitcoin Cash newly found partner and currency processor, BitPay is making BCH holders smile despite negative rumors of a scam. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a solid coin and skyrocketing to the moon. However, rumours have emerged that the coin is s scam. The statement comes at a time when BCH users are celebrating the coins’ recovery.

A Bitcoin Cash hater and a Canadian entrepreneur, Jonathan Hamel asserts that cryptocurrency is an illegitimate scam by singling out BCH. He argues that He said, “Other [cryptocurrencies] are downright scams, like BCash.” This was during a Finance session at the Canadian House of Commons.

These sentiments might slow down the growth of BCH; however, with many merchants already working with the coin and many more lining up for partnership, the rumor might not hold any water. This is an individual opinion that does not any sound backing.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Merchant Subscriber Base on the Rise

Bitcoin Cash is focusing on taking the currency payment industry by storm. The coin has put in place elaborate plans to gain global acceptance. The results are already trickling in. The partnership with the largest payment processor in the world, BitPay clearly indication the cryptocurrency is headed to recovery.

Bitcoin cash will utilize the BitPay global network to make BCH token available in all corners of the world. The partnership has been publicized enough to warrant a shift of the user mind sets. Users are pushing for additional merchants   and Bitcoin Cash seems to be fulfilling their wishes.

Any cryptocurrency would wish to partner with BitPay. Their user base is a gem in the crypto-sphere. Their target audience is those who use fiat and digital currency and Bitcoin Cash is focusing on this consumer demand to push their coin through. The money processor has made huge inroads in Europe, Asia, South America and the US.

What will BitPay Bring to the Table?

BitPay is a currency processor of repute and has a huge subscriber base it commands. This is why Bitcoin Cash is poised to grow BCH adoption, increased volumes and the ultimate increase in value. Cryptocurrency users are very keen on the value addition on the part of the provider they work with.

BCH holders are warming up to BitPay and this will stimulate their online digital currency portfolios. With reduced transactions costs, more merchants are set to adopt the platform in the coming months. The list of merchants accepting BCH continues growing every other day.

Bitcoin Cash has brought several non-governmental organizations to its staple. These include big names like Electronic Frontier Foundation, Save the Children and Wikipedia who are currently accepting BCH as a mode of payment. The top merchants already onboard include Namecheap, Gyft, ApMex, Heifer International and NewEgg.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Chart Snap Shot

Despite the bad publicity, Bitcoin Cash has its eyes set on the ball; to deliver to the investor on their promises. BTC is currently being traded at $984.36 after shedding 3.45% the last 24 hours. The price might appear on the higher side for many but for the merchant and big organizations, it is worth given the resulting benefits.

The integration of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into the BitPay system the user value of BCH is going to skyrocket. This will specifically attract more merchants and the coin price will hit the $1,000 plus mark in the third quarter of 2018. Accepting Bitcoin Cash by merchants has always been the platforms’ goal.

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