BitBay Lists Ripple

BitBay, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Poland now supports Ripple (XRP) and Infinity Economics Token (XIN).

The platform draws an average daily trading volume of $15.141M at press time and is the only exchange that allows direct exchange of BTC and Polish Zloty making it a go to platform in Poland. Other than this, active platform traders have an opportunity to trade more than 31 pairs including Game Credits, Lisk and KzCash.

Ripple Listing Rumors

This move came as a surprise to many. Judging from recent developments, Ripple prices tend to be all over the map when rumors of listing permeates through the internet. Early last week, rumors that CoinBase would review their coin lists and add Ripple lead to a brief surge. However, this was short lived as CoinBase poured cold water on this, clipping Ripple bulls.

Basing our view on recent developments, BitBay may be leveraging on these recent rumors for their own gain. BitBay is sensing demand as many supporters call for long time position buy-hold of Ripple. Despite the general slump, Twitter continues to rave about XRP’s potential.

XRPTheone says:

Remember, in a crash the last wave is really slow. Goal is capitulation. I just want to let you know that it is not the end of XRP. Use the strategy you want, HOLD, sell, buy more, I don’t care. I just hope nobody is broke in this story”

At the moment though, Ripple prices are stable and up 22% trading at $0.69 gifting it a market capitalization of $1.13B. All this is courtesy of the G20 Meeting and realization that cryptocurrencies are innovative solutions and not threats. This is largely a reprieve and a tinge of positivity after slumping more than 80% from its all-time highs of $3.80 in early January 2018.

Ripple Expands and Changes Tact

In recent times, Ripple continues to expand and change tact. It is in use by more than 30 global banks and big institutions as they bid to cut wait time through lightning fast settlement times. Note this though. Technically, Ripple is not a cryptocurrency. Price stability is one of Ripple’s main selling features as a go to platform for cross border and international payment system.

BitBay Expansion

Like CoinBase in the US, BitBay wants to carve out its own market share in Europe by not only availing diversity but by making trading easy. In three short years for example, the cryptocurrency trading platform continues to have its presence in Europe felt.

In 2016, BitBay opened their first office in Amsterdam, Netherlands and so far, they have more than 70 employees. That’s up from 14 when they first launched in 2015.

Besides, their trading interface is simple to use complete with professional trading tools that make it easy for novices and experts to trade from the platform.


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