Amazon and Starbucks to Start Using Litepay from Litecoin (LTC) in 2018

If you have been on top of cryptocurrency trends, there is a lot happening around partnerships and industry disruptions.  There clear indications that Amazon and Starbucks are set to partner with Litecoin (LTC) and start using the Litepay as a currency processor by end of 2018. Many expected Amazon to partner with Bitcoin though.

Amazon and Starbucks partnership with the privacy network, Litecoin means a lot to the consumer. You need to first understand what LitePay is to understand the direction blockchain technology is headed. The cryptocurrency has the stability the two multinationals look for in their transactions.

Why should Amazon and Starbucks Partner with Litecoin (LTC)?

The beauty of Litecoin as a cryptocurrency is its stability. Unlike other coins, it does not fluctuate wildly. Choosing a cryptocurrency that fluctuates with large margins like Bitcoin will not make business sense for Amazon and Starbucks. When there are fluctuations, the two companies will makes loses or transfer the same to the consumer.

Secondly, consumers are looking for a payment system that pays instantly and that is what LitePay is envisioned that LitePay will work seamlessly with Amazon and Starbucks. You do not have to wait hours on end to get your transaction processed like with Bitcoin.

On the same note, transactions costs are drastically reduced in the Litecoin platform and this is a major reason why amazon and Starbucks are likely to adopt LitePay before the end of 2018. With low cost transactions, Litecoin adoption is easy giving the two partnerships an upper hand in the market share. Litepay transaction processing is free and will remain the same in the future.

Amazon, Starbuck and LitePay Partnership Consumer Benefits

By partnering with Litepay, Amazon and Starbucks are giving the consumer value for their money. This is one of the most efficient methods to pay for goods and services. Consumers look for convenience and reduced transaction fee. These corporations will cushion the cost of transactions and the consumer stands to benefit.

The partnership will entice more consumers to adopt the Litecoin platform and increased sales. With guaranteed loyalty from the consumer, Amazon and Starbucks will in return offer better services leading to customer satisfaction. It will also take lass time to ship products since the cryptocurrency transactions are instant, thanks to the Lightening network technology.

This is a natural choice for the two companies since transaction costs and speeds are low on the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. Using LitePay as the currency processor is a surefire way of partnering with the smart economy of the future.

How does the Litecoin (LTC) Investor Benefit?

LitePay, Amazon and Starbucks partnership will benefit the investor in a huge way; increased transactions will result in LTC growth in value. The news is already creating a lot of buzz around the platform since the value of LTC lies in the growth of transaction volumes.

There is a lot of anticipation from investors and once the deal is confirmed, the LTC current price of $174.81 will go up to the $250 threshold by end of 2018.The cryptocurrency has already positioned itself as the go-digital coin and this can only be achieved through increased transaction volumes which Amazon and Starbucks can easily provide.

Once Amazon and Starbucks start using Litepay, it could mean that the value of the cryptocurrency will skyrocket to $500 in less than two years. With a lot of developments behind the scenes, Litecoin developers know the partnership will just be the much needed catalyst.

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