$ 2 million was stolen from american blogger in the cryptocurrency while he was streaming YouTube

The popular American crypto-investor and YouTube blogger Ian Balina became a victim of scammers who transferred $ 2 million from their wallets to the cryptocurrency. According to CCN, the incident occurred during a live stream, which led Balina.

Balina talked about cryptocurrencies and ICO on-air on his YouTube channel, when they began to write in a chat about the funds disappearing from his Etherscan digital wallets. The investor drew attention to the reports about 15 minutes after the theft.

The blogger interrupted the broadcast to try to cancel the transactions, but all was unsuccessful – the unknowns withdrew from his accounts more than $ 2 million in various crypto currency

After some time, Balina confirmed the theft of Twitter. He asked subscribers to provide information about hackers and noted that what happened would serve him a good lesson.


Ian Balina also admitted that he made a number of mistakes that made hacking possible. In particular, his main account was associated with the old mail for the possibility of resetting the password. In addition, he kept private and public keys to accessing his digital assets in the Evernote cloud storage, which was easy to crack on intruders.

Note also that the hacking occurred shortly after Balina published the contents of her cryptocurrency portfolio on Twitter.


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